Wynton Marsalis – Trumpet Concerto

Wynton Marsalis : “It was an absolute pleasure working with Mélisse on my trumpet concerto. She had the orchestra prepared, engaged and ready to play despite not getting the music until the (very) last minute. Eternally grateful.”

Seen and Heard International, 2019 (review of debut concert with CityMusic Cleveland)

“Mélisse Brunet led the ensemble with conviction… and repeatedly found moments of scoring and melody that can only be described as delicious.”

“With swift and sure-footed assurance, Brunet and the ensemble made the most of the Hungarian composer’s bright orchestral colors, including a lovely clarinet solo played by Ellen Breakfield Glick.”

Herald Leader, By Rich Copley

“On Thursday, I started getting messages directly from musicians, and on Friday, about Mélisse’s qualities as a conductor,” McLeod said. “There was unprecedented response, spontaneous response from the musicians telling me that I needed to come and hear her and meet her […]”


Le Devoir (review of competition La Maestra), By Christophe Huss

It would allow a majority of the jury to not forget to notice that Brunet and Dubitsky make music in a very determined and pertinent way.

Le Devoir (review of competition La Maestra), By Christophe Huss

Brunet, Dubitsky, Zeniodi, Sułkowska-Migoń et Slusarczyk are the five names to remember from this competition.

Le Devoir (review of competition La Maestra), By Christophe Huss

Notably here the French Mélisse Brunet, last candidate to conduct on Friday, who energized an exhausted orchestra and interpretatively recreated Louise Farrenc’s 2nd Symphony like nobody did.

ClevelandClassical.com (review of debut concert with CityMusic Cleveland)

A skilled and polished conductor with an excellent pedigree including conducting degrees from the Cleveland Institute of Music, the University of Michigan, and the Paris Conservatory, Brunet led the orchestra with panache and clarity, giving inspiring and assured renditions of each work.

Blowing Rock News (Boone, NC), (review of concert on 02/24/19)

How many towns the size of Boone can deliver compelling classical music that breaks new ground, challenges the audience and musicians alike and, at the concert, leaves everyone remembering how much fun they just had? The Appalachian Symphony Orchestra is currently at its peak of creativity, under the guiding baton of Mélisse Brunet, in her third year as Appalachian’s director of orchestral activities. Like an up-and-coming football coach, Brunet carefully crafted her “team” into a cohesive, winning ensemble, from the grassroots to the top. And her combination of a bubbly, energetic personality and technical musical skills have quickly found a home on this rapidly-improving campus with students, faculty and concert-goers alike. Brunet’s reputation as one of the world’s top, young female conductors continues to grow, and the biggest question becomes how long will audiences be able to enjoy this incredible Paris, France native and her talented orchestra?